Counselling offers you a place to explore difficulties you are having in your personal life with someone who is trained neither to judge you nor to advise you, but to explore and unlock your feelings, which may have been hidden for years. Past and present relationships will be talked about as well as your relationship with the counsellor. It may well be upsetting, but it will help you to understand more about yourself. From this you may begin to feel less confused, or to make changes in your life, or come to terms with things that can’t be changed.

There are many reasons for seeking counselling. You may be feeling upset and distressed and have problems with your feelings, behaviour, thoughts and relationships. You may keep getting stuck in patterns or relationships that don’t work, you may feel you lack direction or that life makes no sense. One of the main aims of counselling is to guide from us from feeling trapped and to give us a feeling of some control over our lives.

Counselling takes place in a private, non-judgmental setting so that you can feel free to share your concerns in confidence. In the initial session, you will be able to clarify the areas that you want to cover together. 

As a guide, it is normal to work together for between eight and twelve sessions. If you decide to continue beyond this, we can discuss this at any time during the consultation. Each session, normal at intervals of one week, is of 50 minutes at a regular time, although changes can always be made to suit your changing needs.

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There will be no face to face sessions at present due to an area lockdown. Availability will be on Zoom , Skype, WhatsApp or mobile.