Ideas to keep us occupied in this period of uncertainity

In this period of uncertainty, I have compiled a list of things we can do for ourselves or others. Please feel free to share.

1 Try to help alleviate anxieties of friends

2 Visit those you can who are in need.

3 Offer to walk friends’ dogs if they can’t.

4 Read or listen to a book or podcast

5 Tap into creativity – drawing, colouring, knitting, sewing, card making etc

6 Cook and bake

7 Cuddle pets

8 Watch enjoyable programmes on TV

9 Watch TED talks (so many topics)

10 Find an interest course on Future Learn

11 Learn a new skill, language

12 Daily call with family

13 Calls with friends to check how they are and to connect

14 Exercising at home

15 Putting your favourite music on and having a jig around or sing-song. Putting it on social media to make others smile and join in.

16 Accessing open spaces if you can.

17 Keep to a routine, get up at the same time, eat and drink healthy.

I appreciate that some of you may be working but your routine may also be changed and l hope this helps you too.

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